Washington State University

2012 Competition Participants

Union High School
Camas, Wash.

2 teams competing


Fourth Place, Technology Challenge

Technology Challenge
IHEMS is an Intelligent Home Energy Management System. Its main purpose is to monitor and control the energy usage in your home, prevent waste energy through a scheduling system, and teach others about energy. In addition, IHEMS monitors the power usage of each of your devices throughout the day so you can see where you are consuming the most energy.

Aerial Reforestation

Technology Challenge
Deforestation is a major problem in regions where governments do not regulate or require re-planting of trees after harvest. In addition, current reforestation techniques require excessive time, resources, and manual labor. Our goal is to bypass these limiting factors to provide a more cost-effective, efficient, and scalable method for reforestation. The method of reforestation we developed is called Aerial Reforestation. Seedlings inside specially designed containers are deployed and dispersed from aircraft to efficiently repopulate large areas of deforested land. We will determine the most effective design for a final product of our system through a series of tests. A prototype will be constructed based on our finalized design parameters.

"It's about the teamwork and it's about the interconnectedness of people. Don't lose sight of that, because you guys are the ones who are going to have to change the world.”

—Rob Bernard, chief environmental strategist, Microsoft

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