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2009 Keynote Address


2009 Keynote Speaker Miles Drake

Senior Vice President of Research and Development and Chief Technology Officer, Weyerhaeuser

Miles Drake believes that innovation is the key to success in a competitive world. As senior vice president of research and development and chief technology officer at Weyerhaeuser, he works collaboratively with research universities, national laboratories, and technology-based companies to advance research on conversion of forest products into ethanol and other biofuels. He ensures that the timber products company's technology organization supports its customers and drives the corporation's growth.

Mr. Drake is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and served for two years on the Board for Chemical Science & Technology for the National Academies.

In 2008 The American Institute for Chemical Engineering honored him with its Management Division Award. The Industrial Research Institute (IRI), an association that aims to enhance the effectiveness of technological innovation in industry, elected him chair for the 2005/2006 term. In 2007, that organization recognized him with the Maurice Holland Award for the pertinence, significance, and originality of new management concepts he presented in a paper published in the IRI journal, Research & Technology Management. Mr. Drake also served as a board member of the Da Vinci Discovery Center of Science and Technology in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Before joining Weyerhaeuser, Mr. Drake served as vice president of research and development and chief technology officer at Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. He joined that company in 1986 as a European technology manager based in London.

He holds a Ph.D. from Bristol University School of Surface Chemistry and a B.A. in Natural Science from Cambridge University, UK.

“Imagine Tomorrow drives us to think of big solutions to big challenges. It brings together the skills needed to solve important problems.”

— Miles Drake, in his Imagine Tomorrow keynote address

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