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Keynote Speaker

2013 Keynote Speaker Robert "Bob" Peters

Under Bob Peters’ direction, Bank of America launches initiatives throughout Washington to create jobs, strengthen communities, support education and the arts, address critical needs, and help the environment. Mr. Peters oversees the loans, investments, and charitable grants the bank delivers to customers and philanthropic organizations statewide. He fortifies relationships with hundreds of Pacific Northwest companies that are Bank of America clients.

Environmental stewardship increasingly plays a formative role in the bank’s business and policies. Bank of America’s recently completed $20 billion environmental business initiative delivered more than $1.2 billion in capital across the state of Washington for projects such as energy efficiency upgrades for older buildings, green affordable housing developments, and wind farm development. In January, the company launched a new 10-year, $50 billion global environmental business goal to continue addressing climate change, reducing demands on natural resources, and advancing lower-carbon economic solutions.

Mr. Peters took the helm as the Washington President of Bank of America in 2010, adding to his position as commercial banking market executive for the region. He began his financial services career in 1985 with Seafirst Bank in Seattle.

Outside the office, Mr. Peters dedicates his energy to advancing education in greater Seattle. He was elected to the board of directors of the public education advocacy group Alliance for Education. He co-chairs the education task force of the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce. He also serves on the education committee of the non-profit Washington Roundtable, which works to shape policy and foster economic growth. He volunteers in middle schools as part of the Choices® program, which helps teens achieve academic success.

Mr. Peters holds a bachelor’s degree in international studies and an MBA from the University of Washington.


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